4 Ways to Improve College Diets

In college, the diet of the average student can be extremely unhealthy. College diets usually are filled with artificial foods, energy drinks to keep you up all night, and fast food for the quick boost of energy required. Not only is the average college students diet bad but their way of living is unhealthy as well. All nighters are very frequently done in order to prepare for exams and such.

There are many easy ways you can improve your diet in college without actually having to spend lots of money.

1. Limit your intake of sugar

If you limit your intake of sugar you can be much healthier. Avoid sugary foods such as the energy drinks and candies that are available. Limiting sugar can keep you from gaining weight. Although sugar can give you major highs as in the way energy drinks work, they will always bring you back down and even lower than you were feeling before.

2. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

If you are going to college it can be quite difficult to go out to the grocery store and buy fruits and vegetables. To top it off, these products are extremely expensive. Usually when I buy fruits they cost me thirty dollars and only last from three to five days!

Most college students have meal plans at cafeterias on campus. If you do have a meal plan I’m sure they will have some sort of fruit or vegetable available. Be sure to get that when you eat.

3. Order Salads or Healthy Items

In college, you have the freedom to do basically whatever you want. This means that most students hang out with friends a lot more than before. And since modern society revolves around eating, going out to eat with friends becomes much more frequent. You probably don’t want to say you don’t want to go hang out because they’re going to Jack in the Box. You can go but order healthy foods on the menu.

4. Don’t Use Dressings

When you eat a salad, chicken, or anything do not use any dressings or sauces. These sauces may seem like add-ons but they are loaded with calories. Not eating the dressings can save you a lot of calories that can build up as fat.

Eating healthy in college does not take loads of money. You also don’t need to count calories and become a nutrition freak that is obsessed with anything they put into their mouth. College students do not have time to do that! Follow these tips and avoid a couple pounds your friends probably are gaining.

Source by Chris Herrin

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