600 Muscles: Are You a Human Cannibal?

You are a bodybuilder; actually, everyone on this planet is a body builder. Since the moment of birth, you have been building and growing tissue, tearing it down and rebuilding that tissue. At some point the rate of tearing down tissue overrides the body’s ability to rebuild tissue, and as we age we see muscle atrophy.

We have about six hundred muscles in our bodies and would be unable to move, work, play without muscle. Yet, few know much about the muscle that keeps us moving and working. We automatically have the notion that it isn’t that important to understand, keep or build our muscle and keep it in good working order. Yet, this is our workforce, an unhappy, unfed, weak workforce leads to depression, disease, atrophy and a general sense of low grade dissatisfaction with oneself. Our society frowns on women carrying muscle, we see size 0 celebrities with no muscle tone, and bony protrusions and we aspire to this unhealthy, unattainable goal as desirable. Not realizing that they can’t eat anything, because they no longer have the workforce necessary to feed, it atrophied.

Skeletal muscle is metabolically costly, it consumes 6 calories per pound per day at rest that is 324 calories required for a 150 # women to sit on her duff and do nothing. Adipose tissue requires 2 calories per pound and bone tissue requires 1 calorie per pound. We didn’t even calculate brain tissue which burns a respectable 60-75 calories per hour during critical thinking. And yet we don’t give it a second thought, and abuse our workforce by starving it of essential nutrients, running out the door in the morning after fasting for at least 8-10 hours without breakfast, with coffee (a catecholamine stimulant), and some sugar, an insulin trigger, too busy to eat for another 4-5 hours and then cram down an unhealthy fast treat further triggering an overworked pancreas and liver to produce more insulin, we might try to eat something “solid” for dinner, like iceberg lettuce drenched in dressing lacking any nutrient value, with a few strips of chicken, and finish off the evening with a bowl of carbohydrate laden cereal.

We complain; we can’t think, we are tired because we tossed and turned all night, the midsection has grown way past cute love handles, and we have no energy to accomplish even the smallest tasks. So we turn up the coffee pot, reach for the Monster energy drink or Red Bull, and continue to push our muscle cells to the breaking point. The workforce has no options left but to catabolize itself to meet the heavy protein and caloric demand they require. The body down regulates critical hormones, slows metabolism to a crawl, shuts down “unnecessary systems”, and works on the back-up generator. And we wonder why we have out of control obesity, disease, sickness, depression, sleep disorders, agnosium…

Your body is not an amusement park at your beck and call 24 hours a day!

Start to view your workforce and treat it with respect and some dignity-you have to feed it! You have to rest it, understanding the basic physiological responses can catapult your health to new levels if you just take the time to give it what it needs.

Muscles are predominantly powered by the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, and require massive amounts of amino acids (protein) to rebuild and repair damaged tissue. Anaerobic chemical reactions occur in the muscle cell which produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Anaerobic exercises include weight lifting.

The simple act of a weight lifting workout can boost metabolic rate by 5-7% for a full 24 hours post workout, but only if you feed the workforce! For most women that is a boost of 175 calories or more burned after the workout by doing nothing except eating, that is nearly a pound of body fat burned at rest per month.

The common mistake and misunderstanding women have when doing a weight training workout is not feeding the muscle tissue. Your body requires a minimum of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. So if you are 150# you need to be consuming 150 grams of protein per day, if you are looking to gain muscle mass, you have to feed it even more!

Cracks me up when I see these commercials for high protein cereals or bars that boast as much protein as an egg, an egg only has 6 grams of protein per egg, compared to 4 oz of meat which averages 24 grams of protein. What do these numbers translate into for the average woman? Eating 5-6 servings of lean protein per day!

The number one benefit of feeding your workforce is zero hunger, zero cravings! Protein, takes a long time to break down, digest, and you actually burn 30% of the ingested calories from a piece of meat just in the process of digestion. It is really difficult to overeat protein; you don’t see people going on a meat eating binge do you? This is because protein does not stimulate an insulin response. High insulin responses, stimulate other hormones that cause massive cravings and out of control binging responses.

We didn’t even touch on cellular dehydration and action potential of the cell, carbohydrate metabolism or fat acid chain liberation, or some of the many hormonal benefits of protein ingestion…another time.

Source by Connie Huft

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