Are You an XS Energy Drink Distributor? Invest 20 Dollars and Fund Your Business!

Start by investing in one case of the XS mixed pack XS energy drink. You will have 12 cans per case that you order. Use as many of those as you can, since they are good for you to drink and try as well, to sample for as many qualified people as you come across.

Ask a possible interested person: Would you like to try one of our nutritional energy drinks with no added sugar, loaded with b vitamins? They come in 12 different flavors. Keep in mind that your relationships with these people will make a large difference. Once a trusted relationship is already made or can be made, you have a better chance of making an impression for a sale as an XS energy drink distributor.

If they say, yes I would like to sample, then give to them, ONLY, if they promise to order a case, once they are satisfied with the taste and actual boost in their day, of the XS energy drink. Then tell that they can order through your web site or you can order it for them. Tell them if they order from the web site, they will have to pay for shipping and handling, which will cost them about 30 bucks. Tell the person you will be able to order for them, along with my other customers for 27 dollars. This establishes you as someone who is ordering this product for others as well, giving you proper posture, along with the affirmation that you will be placing orders for others as well.

Once you have five orders in, you will be able to make just about 5 per order, giving you 20 dollars profit, if it costs you as much as 15 dollars for shipping all of that XS energy drink product. Obviously the volume of your orders will have to be substantial to meet the pv score you need to qualify for being able to grow your business with your downline in place. You won’t ever get rich from this kind of a campaign.

Honestly, you won’t make a lot of money with the XS energy drink, especially if your gas bill is being expended as well. Keep in mind your goal here, should be to fund your business with a funded proposal. This funded proposal concept will help you pay for the cost of your business because, you don’t want to be spending 300 dollars a month on items that can be replace with Wal-mart items. There is an investment in your health as well as your business here. so be wise in spending, since you will be able to count your sales as you personal pv.

Its very dangerous for your business to be operating in the negative and costing you to run, without making up anything. Your XS distributor sales will help you to mainly pay for your business. Keep in mind this is a starting point in the learning process of the funded proposal. its an opportunity to grow and learn a business model that can set you free from your job and providing lasting benefits for you and your family.

There are more advanced funded proposals for use with more advanced internet network marketers, which fund and propose profit in many ways. Leveraging the internet is common among top producers in the industry. They market and fund their business, advertising, and branding, to give them competitive advantages in their market. Learning the basics of this concept will go a long way in the long term advancement of entrepreneurship for XS energy drink distributors and in the network marketing industry.

Source by Andrew J Gallagher

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