Asea Review – Is It The Answer To Living Life to The Fullest in Health And Wealth?

This is one of the Asea reviews you must read in order to know if you just want to take their product or really learn how to earn a substantial income being a distributor. They may have stumbled upon a one of a kind product that with the right marketing behind it could be your answer to living life to the fullest.

The Asea product is a revolutionary drink supplement that has shown through testing to help slow down the aging process by protecting, repairing, and replacing the cells in your body. It is based on Redox signaling molecules which your body makes constantly and needs to keep your body in good shape. As we age our natural bodies process of producing redox signaling molecules slows down. By this happening we lose our energy, become susceptilble to health problems and the healing time on injuries is much longer. Asea company has the research and the documents to support its claims and Athletes who are using it rave about their improved performance, increased endurance and their speedy recovery time after physical training.

The owners of the Asea company are not strangers to the business world and have both been very successful in the traditional corporate world. They both believed that the product they had needed to be shared with the public as fast as possible so they decided to venture into the world of Network Marketing for the first time. This can be a problem because they don’t know how to show you the best ways to market the opportunity to the right prospects. The Asea company could allow you to live life to the fullest in health and wealth. You just need the education that can show you how to grow your business.

The Asea company set up the compensation plan starting with Retail Sales commission where you get the difference between wholesale and retail price. Next is Preferred customer bonus where you receive commissions on customers who are set up on an auto ship program but you must be active in the company to receive any of their bonuses. Asea has the Fast Start Bonus where you and your upline receive compensation for first time enrollees who buy a package and the bonus varies depending on which package they purchase. Asea has Team Commissions where you receive commissions on group volume of your organization. Asea operates with a Binary system so you will have two legs of distributors and you will receive a 10% commission on your lesser producing leg as long as you meet their requirements. Directors Bonus is where you receive $50 on each distributor who makes it to rank of director for the first time. Then you have Check Match and Leader ship pool which are much more detailed and require a thorough explanation from a rep of the Asea company.

This sounds like a great product and I’m sure that there is no lack of people who could use a supplement like this in their lives. However I do see a major problem with this company and it’s not the product or the compensation plan. It’s the lack of resources to get you out there finding prospects who are looking for you. I know you are going to talk to friends and family and you will really want them to start taking this because of the wonderful benefits it has to offer both physically and financially. But in reality it doesn’t happen very often where they feel the same way you do and it gets you no where except frustrated.

So you need to be prepared and educate yourself on how your going to market the Asea product and company to people who are interested. The number one way to get the asea product in front of thousands of people is by using the techniques of internet marketing. So I advise you to get busy learning because there is No potential in building an Asea network marketing business without the right Prospects.

Source by Adam Crocker

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