Boost Your Immune System

Do you ever wonder why some people get sick and others don’t although they’re exposed to the same germs? It has to do with the immune system which is a balanced network of cells and organs that work together to protect against disease. It also blocks foreign proteins from getting into your body. Read on to learn more about some natural ways to keep from getting sick this season.

A diet low in red meat and high in fish and fruits and vegetables (especially blueberries and broccoli) boosts the immune system. By incorporating lemons into your drinks and meals it will help to maintain your body’s internal climate at a ph that supports healthy bacteria. Try squeezing fresh lemon juice into a glass of water or add it to green tea and your favorite meal for a natural flavoring. Make sure you don’t drop the whole lemon into your water because there might be bacteria on the surface. Chicken soup is not only good for the soul but it has also been proven to pump up the immune system and make you feel better faster.

Start by keeping your stress levels down by listening to your favorite music, meditating or laughing. In addition, sex has been shown to give a boost of IGA which is a protein from the immune system that helps fight infections. It plays a critical role in keeping pathogens from entering the body and capturing those that do sneak in. It produces natural opioid peptide happy little brain chemicals that are releases during sex. Also, a social support system, with lots of hugging and hard strokes is more foretelling of a long life than age, medical condition and smoking.

Alcohol in moderation also releases opioids and raises IGA levels. However, too much alcohol actually brings your immune system down. Moderate exercise is also a good thing but again, too much training and working out runs makes you more susceptible to illnesses. Get enough sleep to balance out hormone levels, wipe down your desk area at work with antibacterial wipes to avoid germs. Also, by spending time in cold weather it stimulates the thyroid glands and allows the body to produce the right amount of energy when needed. Why not incorporate some of these tips into your life today?

Source by Lyla Feldman

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