Can SoZo Really Live Up to All the Hype?

SoZo Global is a VERY recently launched company (11/09/09) that is already starting to get huge attention from top industry leaders. The idea of SoZo Global is founded around a breakthrough patented ingredient called CoffeeBerry® that only recently has been discovered to offer 625 times the antioxidant activity of the Blueberry. They feature this new ingredient in their complete blend that offers health benefits in 5 key nutritional areas. Those areas being antioxidants, immune system support, vitamins and minerals supplementation, and energy management. And this blend is delivered to the body through what is called a Functional Beverage – which simply is a drink that offers the body something (think Red Bull, Vitamin Water, MonaVie).

I have personally been involved in Network Marketing for some time now and have seen plenty of products come and go. That is why I do not recommend too many products very often because I believe many of them to be based on “Hype” and have put their stock into temporary fads or fading trends. However, SoZo’s product seems to be different than the rest.

When I reviewed the market I found that there are a number of companies that have been incredibly successful in the functional beverage industry. It is THE largest growing niche within the Health and Wellness industry today. In 2007 it was a $9 Billion industry, and as of fall 2009 was $25 Billion. The projections are that it will be a $35 Billion industry by the end of 2010 — and I can see why it is growing so rapidly and steadily. People want something that is good for them and that is simple to consume. Rather than taking 7 double ought pills, you can take 3 ounces of the SoZo beverage and get 7,000mg of active ingredients.

The main difference between SoZo and the top 5 functional beverage companies is that SoZo has a patented and licensed ingredient called CoffeeBerry® that will only ever be found in SoZo’s product. As opposed to companies that feature the açaí berry or the Noni plant, SoZo will not face the risk of the marketplace imitating their health benefits for a cheaper cost – which typically results in people dropping out of a company, I’ve seen it too many times. By licensing the CoffeeBerry® and gaining exclusive rights to it, SoZo has insulated its Distributors from the risk of cheaper imitators.

In network marketing, if you are involved with a company that is Innovative, Unique, and has a true STRONG FOUNDATION of leadership, science, and capital…then you have the ingredients to create massive success. After reviewing SoZo, I would have to say that I believe this company could easily be one of the next Industry Giants.

SoZo has all the major ingredients a network marketing company needs to truly hit traction in the market place, and when you position yourself in a company like that with the right timing you can create true life long success in network marketing.

Source by Clay Eudaly

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