Cupuacu Makes a Unique and Natural Energy Drink That Will Blow You Away

Just imagine a great tasting natural energy drink that gives you tons of energy and fights aging and free radicals. Most likely you’ve never heard of this fruit that is like a huge mango and has a chocolatey taste. Yes, chocolate. In Brazil, it is fondly referred to as the “Pharmacy in a fruit.” But, we don’t know of it in the U.S.

But, that will soon change.

Recently, NBC included it in its list of “five foods that could change your life.” And, you know what happens once a major network gets a hold of something – it potentially spreads like wildfire.

While cupuacu may be news to you, NASA has their astronauts use it during their flights and while they are conditioning here on earth. A lot of money goes into the training and conditioning of astronauts and you can bet the products they choose to use (and endorse) are highly scrutinized.

Here Are Some Benefits:

• Unmatched array of antioxidant agents
• Destroys free radicals
• High vitamin and phytonutrient content
• Boosts your immune system
• Boosts your energy
• Works on skin as well as GI tracts
• Tastes great!

You won’t find the cupuacu berry in natural energy drinks available through your grocer and you won’t find it in health food stores, either. It is currently only available online.

AS10 Fusion is the natural energy drink that give you great health and energy. It contains the best of the Super Fruits – a unique blend of 10 key fruits and vegetables including the cupuacu, as well as the proven and beneficial acai, acerola, prickly pear, and yum berry combined with ingredients from joint research with NASA/JSC.

You won’t crash after a while with this drink.

This will actually boost your immune system, AND your energy! Plus, it tastes great! Some say a little chocolaty. (Think chocolate covered kiwis.) It is priced about the same as today’s many energy drinks, around $3.5 per serving. (You can conveniently buy it on online and have it shipped directly to where you are in the world.

Source by Robert B Peters

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