Energy Drinks In Bodybuilding – A Blessing Or A Curse To Muscle Growth?

Energy Drinks for bodybuilders can be a useful addition to ones diet. As there are many in the market, each claiming to provide special features, help lose fat, boost energy etc and the like, it pays to know what’s true and things to avoid. Yes, they give you a much needed burst of energy when needed but are also harmful to your health when taken in excess or mixed with other materials like diet pills.

It’s never advisable to consume more than 5 caffeine rich drinks a day. Specific maximum that’s recommended you consume for healthy living may vary from one drink to another. They mostly have varying caffeine and sugar levels. If you are a bodybuilder looking to judge just how much is right for you or are looking if you should start taking them at all, read on for the pros and cons energy drinks present to bodybuilders who rely on them.


· Raise Energy Levels.On a good day, one should be enough to get your spirits up and running.
· Energy drinks are tasty. Agreed they taste good.
· Can be used as an addition to pre workout nutrition. Moderate to high calorie counts mean a diet sufficient enough to give you a calorie boost before a workout
· Put you in the right mood for a workout.Both mentally and physically, energy drinks will put the average bodybuilder in the right mood for a workout.


· They are expensive. Far from cheap. A habit is costly to maintain.
· Most drinks of this kind contain loads of caffeine, excessive sugar and calories. Caffeine clogs up the arteries, excess sugar and calories do little to help you keep fit. Another issue with taking too much caffeine is its addictive properties. A lot of people are addicted to energy drinks for this reason which doesn’t help considering every single drink includes a sizeable amount of sugar and excess calories.

Before choosing an energy drink for bodybuilding, consider carefully your options. Read the label for information on specific ingredients, calorie ratings, and sugar.

Source by Michael Tottman

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