Extreme Potency In A Bottle: Venom Energy Drink

Venom energy drink, released in 2002 and then re-released in a one-of-a-kind aluminum bottle in 2008, with its snake-skin, foreboding graphic art might appear to be a drink that is not for the faint-hearted, and perhaps it is not, considering the potency of its ingredients.

Caffeine is of course an obvious component of most drinks of this kind, and as common knowledge as well as science dictates, it is a stimulant. In its natural environment as a component of cocoa beans and various other plant species, it is in fact, a pesticide and a seed growth stimulant. In drinks like Venom however, caffeine, serves the purpose of increasing one’s mental and physical capacity to perform laborious tasks without getting tired.

The origin of the ingredient called, Taurine is fascinating as it derives from the Greek word meaning bull or ox, because it was first discovered in the intestine of a bull, and ironically makes an unintentional reference to the strength of its effect. In vitality boosting drinks, it acts as a nervous system stimulant as well as an energy booster, especially when coupled with caffeine.

Guarana is a natural stimulant, derived from the berries and seeds of a climbing plant of the same name. Its benefits, are mostly cognitive as it is known to stimulate memory, increase concentration and mental precision and reduce the onset of physical fatigue. Native to the Amazon basin, it is surrounded by many traditional myths and has been attributed with magical properties by traditional clans of the area.

The origins of the name for the plant called, Ginseng come from the Chinese word for, “man root”, because of its unusually fork-shaped roots. With its ordinarily shaped leaves and delicately balanced fruit, one could easily doubt its effectiveness when in fact, it is one of nature’s most powerful adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs which reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and fatigue and brings about general vitality and rejuvenation.

L Carnitine, is a nutrient that is required for the transport of fatty acids during the process of the breaking down of fats and their conversion into metabolic vitality. Its benefits, when consumed in moderation and the reason for its usage in energy drinks, is weight-loss and an increase in physical endurance although the latter has not been officially proven.

Inositol, is a chemical compound and carbohydrate which aids in the process that coverts nutrients taken in by the body, into energy. By aiding metabolic function, it improves endurance and stamina, and is commonly associated with B-vitamins which improve the body’s natural response to stimuli.

Maltodextrin is the only man-made component in Venom which is derived from starch, and is a food additive in vitality boosting products. It is most effective in a liquid form and in addition to these kinds of drinks, it is also a common component in health products such as sports drinks.

All of these ingredients are found in all types on Venom energy drink, including the “Death Adder, ” and “Killer Taipan:” variations which contain fruit blends to accentuate the taste of the drink. Although its daring graphic art and sturdy aluminum bottle may appear somewhat intimidating, it is its ingredients which deliver the ultimate boost to the body’s system for a surprisingly sustainable amount of time, although effects do vary according to bodily functions.

Source by Aaron Decker

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