Four Overlooked Tips to Help You Gain Muscle Mass

To gain muscle mass, you have to make sure you follow a step-by-step process of doing the right things at the right time.  Once you achieve a level of consistency by following a sound mass building nutritional program and workout routine, you’ll be well on your way to building muscle and strength for years to come.  There are often four overlooked tips that anyone can use to start achieving even better gains. 

These tips are overlooked because rarely does fitness trainers and bodybuilders talk about them.  If they do mention them, they either just gloss over them or put little significance to gaining muscle mass.  If you want to gain muscle mass efficiently, then apply these four tips to your current training and diet regimen for even better gains.

1) Drink more water
Water is really probably the most thermogenic liquid out there.  Your body is made up mostly of water.  Muscles are no exception.  Fill your muscles up by drinking plenty of water.  About half a gallon daily is best.  Hydration of the body is absolutely key to maintaining a high level of performance and intensity in the weight room.  Hydrated muscles allow you to work harder and longer.  Often, lifters suffering from bad workouts can trace the cause back to a lack of pure liquid water or well-hydrated muscles in the system.  So drink water and get plenty of it.

2) Focus on mass building compound exercises
Compound exercises work multiple muscles at the same time in the same workout.  You get to lift heavier weights to build more muscle.  Many new lifters see a lot of professional bodybuilders doing isolation exercises instead.  They do them and follow the same approach.  That’s a mistake in the beginning because these pro bodybuilders first started out to gain muscle mass by performing the basic compound lifts.  Compound exercises include all variations of deadlifts, squats, presses, dips, and pullups.

3) Eat a lot
Now we can get scientific with this and break down the exact macronutrient ratios and numbers to the detail but for starters, just eat plenty of food.  If you’re not gaining muscle mass, then the number one reason is your diet.  Starting adding an extra 600 calories or so to your current diet.  The body needs a calorie surplus to gain muscle mass. Muscle is very energy intensive and expensive to maintain.  You need to eat a lot of food to grow.

4) Sleep a lot
This one is even easier to follow.  It’s so easy that it’s the most effortless of them all.  The body grows most during sleep.  Make sleep a priority in your daily schedule.

Follow these 4 tips and start seeing more results in strength and mass today.

Source by Zhi Q Huang

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