Garlic Facts

Garlic belongs to the family of Onion. Garlic is used both for cooking and medicinal reasons. It has a pungent and spicy flavor. Cloves of garlic are nicely put together which is called bulb of garlic. Almost all the parts of the garlic plant are eaten.

Drawbacks of Garlic – If eaten in excess, the person usually sweats in excess and his skin tends to leave oil which also smells like garlic. Even the mucus, vaginal discharge in women, ear wax will also smell like garlic. This may last for few hours to days. Washing yourself with soap will not help much. Using perfume may reduce the smell.

Countries produced – China is the largest cultivator of Garlic, India follows next. Other countries include Korea, United States, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Argentina and Egypt.

Medicinal cure – Garlic is found to be effective cure for Heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even cancer. For Heart patients garlic acts as a blood thinner, similar to aspirin. Garlic also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, cure worm trouble, digestive disorder. Garlic also possesses anti bacterial properties.

Religious perception – Garlic is believed to be used in the olden times to ward off demons and vampires. Garlic bulbs were hung out of doors and windows to keep the evil spirits out.

Garlic in oil – Many house hold use Garlic in oil. This preparation gives good flavor to the oil and is used in preparation of other food dishes. This preparation may sometimes become poisonous if not done the right way. Garlic in oil should be prepared and stored in refrigerator and not kept in room temperature. Storing in fridge for long time may also be harmful.

Conclusion – Garlic is a very useful vegetable and can cure almost all ailments, but overeating of garlic should be avoided.

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