Mandura Review: Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

Mandura was formed back in Florida 2008 by CEO Casey Yarbrough, with a sole mission to give back to society. The concept was that the company would not only improve people’s health but would give them the opportunity to increase their wealth by means of joining the company as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and selling the company’s products as well as enrolling new IBOs. The company is going from strength to strength and now operates in many European countries. The flagship product is a liquid nutritional supplement which takes the company name and is made from the so called “RoyalFruits” the durian, mangosteen, acai and blueberry. It is claimed to increase energy, keep joints supple, and maintain internal health. It retails at $30 a bottle, but only two tablespoons are required each day to receive the full complement of nutrients that the body requires. There other product is called Mandura Trim and is a weight loss product that is said to help a person lose fat and tone muscles.

The compensation plan is a simple straight line whereby everyone who enrolls as an IBO is placed in one direct line and the profits are generated by one combined team. There are 4 income streams and an IBO can make money through retail profits by signing up retail customers and earning $10 for each case of drink sold, $5 for 2 bottles and $2.50 for a single bottle. In addition they can enroll new IBOs and earn money through the Builder Bonus every time a new IBO is placed in their 2nd level as well as earning commissions through generation bonuses and team volume bonuses. An IBO needs to pay $39.95 a year for their replicated website. In addition they can purchase the Mandura drink at a wholesale price and sell at retail.

So Mandura a scam? Most definitely not. The company is growing steadily and the product is good. Also the executive team are very experienced in network marketing and certainly know what they are doing. However, as with any MLM business, no matter how good the team at the top, or how great the product, only one person can help your success and that is you. The opportunity here is a “marketing” opportunity and you will need to have great marketing and leadership skills in order to regularly generate sales and enroll new IBOs. It won’t happen overnight but time, commitment and savvy marketing skills are the best ingredients for a good recipe.

Source by Dane Tanodra

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