My Ephedrasil Hardcore Review

As the name suggests, this diet pill is actually Hardcore. Ephedrasil’s powerful ingredients (synephrine, caffeine anhydrous, green tea, to name a few) are not for everyone and you must carefully consider if Ephedrasil Hardcore is right for you.

When analyzing a diet pill, the most important aspect you should consider is the ingredient profile. Testimonials can be manufactured by the seller and negative customer reviews can easily be created by jealous competitors. The backbone of you decision needs to be the ingredients.

Ephedrasil Hardcore’s Ingredients

  • Synephrine is Ephedra’s safe, yet effective, chemical cousin. This is probably why the “ephedra” is found in the name of this product. Studies suggest that synephrine burns fat and helps you lose significant amount of weight.
  • Green Tea is the most thoroughly researched weight ingredient. Many studies have PROVEN that green tea, with the help of its ECGC and caffeine content will help drop the pounds. No wonder why it is found in nearly every weight loss product.
  • Chocamine is derived from cocoa. It claims to boost energy and increase thermogenesis. There is absoulutely NO clinical evidence to support this. I would rate it as an OK dietary supplement, so don’t expect any miracles.
  • Vinpocetineis derived from the periwinkle plant. While it is not known to burn fat, it increases focus and memory for intense, long lasting wokouts.
  • Caffeine Anhydrousis another popular weight loss ingredient because it works. It has also been thoroughly studied and proven to help you lose a significant amount of weight. I highly recommend this ingredient for weight loss.
  • Phenlyalanineis an appetite suppressant. Less food taken in = more pounds lost. The efficacy of this ingredient is still debatable, but users reviews tend to strongly favor this ingredient.
  • L-Tyrosineis known to fight stress and even lower stress-induced weight gain. It will definitely make your work out a little more “hardcore.”

These are the ingredients that give Ephedrasil Hardcore its power. The other ingredients will help you lose a little bit of weight, but they are in the mix to give you a “high.”

The Downside to Ephedrasil Hardcore

Unfortunately, most diet pill companies do not disclose the actual amount of ingredients used in order to “hide” their formula. However, many companies use this opportunity to offer high quality ingredients in minuscule amounts, rendering the product nearly ineffective. I can not say with certainty that Ephedrasil Hardcore is involved in this practice. One thing I do like, is that they do mention the amount used of in their fat burning blend: 250mg caffeine anhydrous, 30mg synephrine, and 5mg vinpocetine. This is enought of each ingredient to illicit an effect. The amount of the other ingredients is a mystery.

As I said before, Ephedrasil Hardcore is not for everyone. So…

Who Should Take Ephedrasil Hardcore?

This could potentially be the right pill for anyone looking to lose weight: the obese, body builders prepping for a competetion, or someone looking to lose a few pounds for a vacation or wedding. Ephedrasil’s ingredients will provide relief to anyone looking to lose weight. HOWEVER, this does not mean that it’s right for you.

Who Shouldn’t Take Ephedrasil Hardcore?

If you are sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine or synephrine, I would not recommend Ephedrasil Hardcore. One serving (three capsules) contains 250mg of caffeine anhydrous, which is comparable to a Starbucks Grande Caffe Americano or a Tall Coffee. If you can handle those drinks, you won’t have problem with Ephedrasil Hardcore. If you don’t drink coffee or are still unsure about your ability to handle caffeine, take one pill at a time (1/3 of recommended dosage) until you discover the optimal dosage. If you find yourself feeling shaky or anxious, take advantage of Ephedrasil’s lifetime money back guarantee.

Actual Consumer Reviews From

“I have been using it for perhaps a month and a half I had been laid up after an automobile accident trying to get back in shape and back in swing with my lifting, I have lost the 25 lbs i gained and walk around jacked high off life and everything around me, im never hungry and always in great mood. If your looking for something to change your life take it, its worth the price…”

“I have been using ephedrasil hardcore for a week and a half now, there has been a huge change. they have suppressed my appetite and given me an energy boost. Try ephedrasil hardcore.”


I do not recommend diet pills too often, but Ephedrasil Hardcore has my stamp of approval. Expect to lose a lot of weight using EHC. But remember–and I can’t stress this enough–to make sure this product is right for you. Please follow my recommendation.

Source by Dan P Johnson

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