Noni Juice Can Help You Get Healthy!

The world as we know it today is far more polluted than what it was in the days of our forefathers. Our food is contaminated by the pesticides used to protect fruits and vegetables from spoiling and getting eaten by bugs, the water is polluted by the mass exodus of chemical pollutants that factories discharge into the rivers, lakes and seas. Ironically these factories are making things that are supposed to make life easier for mankind. So now are bodies are taking measures to deal with the rush of toxins that we send in along with the food we eat and the water we drink.

The human body works on a principle of chemical reactions that means that one thing is changing to another constantly right down to things like healing, feeling, thinking spiritual issues, etc. The Noni fruit works from the cellular level onwards. It ensures that the chemical reaction taking place is done sans interference from any other source and this is due to the fact that the Noni fruit is considered to have a high level of energy.

According to scientists, the toxins ingested undergo a process called biomagnification inside our system which leads to toxins reaching a dangerous level in the cells of our body. Now, to this highly polluted world, nature has presented the Noni fruit, considered to be the best anti-oxidant in the world and blessed with the ability to clean up the human body from the inside as soap would do from the outside. Noni works by sorting out the chemical reactions in our body and making sure they are not messed around with by things like stress, malnutrition, illness and aging or metals and chemicals.

A vital molecule called Proxeronine was discovered by Dr. Ralph Heinicke of Hawaii, which shows that if combined with the enzyme called Proxeroninase will form an alkaloid – Xeronine. This will combine with other proteins in the body at some specific sites inside the human body. Vital proteins which act as hormones, antibodies and enzymes are dependent on Xeronine to do their work properly. Now proteins give the hair, skin and bone their structure and they act as hormones to coordinate various processes in the body at the molecular level. Transportation of chemical and other nutrients is permitted by proteins and they also protect against foreign viruses or bugs entering the system by acting as anti-bodies when required. Chemical production in the body is facilitated by the proteins which act as enzymes too. Better absorption of micronutrients and medicines is ensured by the enzyme Xeronine as it enlarges the pores in the cell walls as well as supports protein metabolism.

Proteins, connective tissues, new cells, hormones, DNA, are things made by the body and come under the process called Synthesis of Protein. Proper coordinated growth of the human body as a whole depends on the chemically controlled flow of information between the cells or Cellular Communication and is vital to the human system.

Globular proteins are the laborers in both types of processes – synthesis and communication. Enzymes are part of the globular protein team and they are responsible for the chemical reaction in the body. Basically it means, no enzymes, no chemical reactions. For efficient working the body controls the enzymes which in turn control the chemical reactions.

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