Shaklee CorEnergy – My Review of Shaklee CorEnergy

I have noticed during the past 5 years the huge market for energy drinks. Teenagers, construction workers and office workers all consuming something to boost their energy level. Not to mention the fitness buffs. There also is the over 50 group that seem to “just not have enough zip in their step” no matter what they do.

There are drinks in the bar that are liquor and a can of “Red Bull” to keep you alert while becoming intoxicated. That is just crazy in my opinion, but people are doing it all the time now

All energy drinks seem to have 2 things in common dangerous levels of caffeine and loaded with sugar. Is There a healthy alternative? Yes there certainly is– an amazing supplement by the name of CorEnergy that is distributed by Shaklee.

What is so interesting and blows everything else off the charts is the combination of 3 powerful ingredients that blend together so well and produce wonderful benefits and results in a healthy way.

I’ll start with the first of the powerful 3. It is Cordyceps sinensis (mushroom) discovered in the high elevations of Tibet 1500 years ago. It was so expensive only the emperor could afford it. When these mushrooms were consumed, people had more vitality, were more alert and had more energy. These people were not running out of breath when completing strenuous tasks in the intense altitudes of the mountains of Tibet. Thousands of studies have been completed in the Far East and in the West with many remarkable results.

The second ingredient is panax ginseng (Asian Ginseng) used by the Chinese culture for over a thousand years. Panax ginseng gives you a revitalizing energy and a sense of well being and stamina. Ginseng has also been tested thoroughly by Far East and Western cultures.

Finally we come to green tea. Green tea is very hot right now with the studies on antioxidants. This ingredient is soothing and uplifting and provides a revitalizing energy when consumed. Green tea is much more healthy than the brown and black pekoe varieties and has been highly tested.

To wrap it all up, the blend of these natural nutrients gives you a healthy sustainable level of

energy, vitality, alertness and well being . There is a sensible alternative to large doses of energy drinks with all the caffeine and sugar.

Is CorEnergy for You? I would say if you are not a child , a nursing mother or pregnant, Yes! If you live in this world of so many demands and are drained of energy, Yes! If you’re middle aged crazy and you don’t want to say good bye to your old softball league, this product is definitely for you.

If you are into fitness and want to excel, CorEnergy is a good addition to your training regimen. If you are a baby boomer and are distressed with the fact that you can’t do a lot of things you love to do because you haven’t got the energy, it will help you as well. I think it all boils down to an improved quality of life. I think that is what Shaklee is all about with all its products.

I have one final note for you. I worked with a guy in his 60’s , he and his wife had a passion for dancing. They went on dancing trips every weekend. He started taking CorEnergy and I asked him what he thought. He covered his mouth so his wife wouldn’t notice. He leaned over and whispered with an ear to ear grin, “All the young ladies are asking me to dance now”!

Source by Patrick E McTigue

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