Shedding Some Light On The Dark Side Of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are exploding on the market. They have become very popular amongst adults and youngsters alike. They are consumed primarily for that much needed jolt of energy but are now becoming recreational drinks as well as main ingredients of select cocktails. In the recent years the amount of these drinks consumed on university campuses has increased manifold as students are using them as lifelines to help them complete their school work. But like the popular saying, everything is good in moderation. This unsolicited and rampant consumption of beverages such as these are bringing many problems to light, some of them too severe to ignore.

Caffeine intoxication is one serious drawback of these beverages. Caffeine is the main ingredient of these drinks. Caffeine is a very strong stimulant. An average cup of coffee contains approximately 80mg of caffeine as opposed to an energy drink that has anywhere between 150mg to 300mg. this means that a person is consuming twice or sometime 4 times the regular amount of caffeine in just one drink. Caffeine can have serious repercussions including but not limited to insomnia, high blood pressure and heart irregularities. These drinks are also highly dangerous when coupled with alcohol, a fact not too well known. Alcohol is basically a depressant and these drinks are designed to be super stimulants. The combination of the two puts immense pressure on your heart and can cause your heart to fail. In rare cases it has also amounted in the death of the consumer.

These drinks can raise your heart rate and blood pressure tremendously mainly because of the caffeine in the drink. People already suffering from hypertension and other heart related problems have to be extremely weary of these drinks because a consistent consumption of them can cause catastrophic health problems. Another very severe problem about this beverage consumption is that it effectively masks the intoxication of the alcohol. This means that because of the surge of energy flowing through your system you will be unable to know that you are getting drunk and therefore you will continue to drink. This can be very dangerous because it could make you believe you are sober when you are not and if you decide to take on tasks like driving things could go very, very wrong. Doctors now are also saying that regular and increased consumption of the drinks can cause the corrosion of the small intestine lining. This could result in severe nutrition deficiency and in dire cases bleeding ulcers.

Drinking one or two energy drinks occasionally is acceptable but there are dangers that lurk and you should be aware of them. It is only when you heed the advice out there and moderate can you really enjoy these drinks and not let them harm you.

Source by Michael C Logan

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