Stop! Top Two Reasons Weight Gain Has Little To Do With Calories

Number 1: Our thirst signals are switched off.

When we are thirsty we drink diet soda or pop. Here lies the paradox…there a little or no calories in a diet drink yet we still don’t manage to loose weight and often times we end up putting it on. Not to mention the dehydration effects on the body. Did you know that for every one cup of caffeine the body consumes a further four cups are lost from the body? When we think the brain cells are 85% water its no wonder we can’t think straight half the time.

Caffeine, one of the main components we drink in the UK and US in pop and coffee and it is a drug. Essentially it is a pick me up but it also a dehydrator. So we feel thirsty, grab a coffee or soda and are satiated. A couple of minutes later we feel thirsty some more but reason that it can’t be thirst because we just had a big drink! So we grab a sandwich. Can you see the cycle? We set ourselves up for overeating.

Aspartame which is in so many of the commercially trendy drinks such as red bull (which by the way is banned in most other countries) and diet coke is 180 times sweeter than sugar without any calorie output. Great you may say! But it is so not great. Try to get this….your body expects you to feed it with real wholesome nutrient rich foods. When it receives a hit of aspartame the body is tricked. The body gets excited it is receiving some fuel (all be it in the form of sugar) and then quickly realises this weird sweet substance has no energy to use for its daily functioning like…thinking! So it panics and sends a message to the brain to cause a feeling of hunger and thirst once more, (amongst other more serious effects). Experiment with this yourself. I guarantee 30 mins after a soda or coffee you will feel like eating. But remember you are actually THIRSTY!

Number 2: Our salt signals are switched on!

Have you ever had trouble getting the salt out the salt cellar? Did you ever consider why that was? Try putting a teaspoon of salt next to a few drops of water and leaving it on your work top overnight. The next morning your work top will be dry as a bone. Salt attracts water and water most definitely follows salt.

Before I lose some of you because you don’t think you eat salt, let me make one thing clear. Unless you eat nothing but fruit, vegetables and whole grains with no added stock then you eat salt every single day of your life. I hear some of you say ‘don’t you need salt?’ This is where it gets interesting and the short answer is this: yes you do need salt but no more than occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If this is what you eat every day congratulations….if your diet is a far cry from this then you may be suffering from weight gain due to water retention. Salt is also very dehydrating which as we have seen further promotes weight gain. It also stimulates the thirst signals so you may grab a soda! Can you see what is happening here? A continual cycle of weight gain and dehydration begins.

The great news you can always choose to break this cycle. Health and weight loss is a choice away.

Source by Frenchay Tinks

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