Top 6 Food Swaps to Save You 30 Pounds Or More

Food swapping is so easy to do and it can help you save pounds and pounds of weight in the long run. Some foods should never be eaten and when you crave that one thing, it’s actually just as easy to substitute it for something else just as tasty and filling!

Here is my list of top 6 foods to swap.

Energy and Sports Drinks. Sports drinks like Gatorade, energy drinks like Monster, and Red Bull, all have high concentrations of sugar in them. If you need something after or during strenuous activities drink pure coconut water, which has the high source of electrolytes found in nature. Or just throw in a lemon into a water bottle.

Cocktails. Whether you are having a rum and coke, a pina colada or a cosmopolitan, these are rich in sugary syrup or high in calories. You are better off having a glass of wine.

Ketchup. Substitute ketchup with tomatoes on burgers, or eat your fries without it. This leads me to my next swap.

Fries Coated in lard, dripping in trans and saturated fat and going straight to your thighs! Salsa with chips instead of fries and gravy are a good swap, or how about veggies and dip.

Salad dressing. Commercial brands of dressing such as vinaigrettes, Caesars, ranch all contain high amounts of sugar. I suggest coating olive oil with balsamic vinegar on salads when you are at home or out.

Gravy. This stuff is high in saturated, Trans fat and sodium! This is danger to your arteries and health. If you are using it to coat a dish, try using the juices of the meat instead with a bit of herbs. For example if you are cooking a turkey, use the turkey juices with herbs and spices. Or with you are using this stuff on fries, have the fries plain instead.

Source by Katrina Kouli

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