Using Cappuccino to Stay Awake

The eternal quest for how to stay awake should disappear once you get a solid cappuccino machine. It is a great way to either wake up, or start your day at the office. In fact, it’s not bad to have a cup at home and then another as you sit at your computer reading your e-mail and getting your daily briefing.

A lot of us these days are simply over run by a lack of sleep. Even when we get it there is not that much quality to it. I wake up and I am tired. Ho hum. This is all not very inspiring, is it? But luckily that all goes away quickly with the right amount of caffeine, taken in the right away. I still to this day believe that cappuccino alone is what God put here on earth for us to give a jolt and open our eyes. He must understand we are busy, therefore he had someone invent the cappuccino machine. It all works together like that. Now they are getting to the point where they are cheap enough to have one or even two in the home, as well as one in every small office. I love the feeling of the hot coffee going down my throat, hitting my stomach, and popping out my nervous system just a smidgen. Instantly I have a new energy.

Back when man was just picking berries and running away from lions, he did not ask himself how to stay awake. This is a very modern phenomenon, and as such has a new age solution. Aeons ago the cavemen just slept wherever they felt like it. There was no unnatural stress being placed upon them by demanding families, material wealth, or insular bosses.

Unfortunately we do have a problem on our hands folks, but the good thing is that it’s been solved almost as soon as it cropped up in the first place. Merely by taking a little hit of caffeine daily we can get through that first unbearable hour or two of work. It’s good to have something to cling to, even if it’s just a measly hot beverage.

Source by Joshua D B

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