What is the Pure3X Energy Drink – Can it Change Your Life?

The Beverage industry has grown to a $120 Billion in sales with self-promotions at every turn sporting events, magazines and T.V. The energy drink that boost one’s ability to focus throughout the day is greatly sought after and with the health industry preaching caution in regards to ingredients thus the invention of a new line, Pur3X.

The Pure3X Designer Beverage Line starting with its flag product “Renew” a taste good filled with healthy ingredients drink with a price comparable to Monster, Red Bull and AMP.

· Renew stars the Acai Berry, 50 calories and 12 grams of cane sugar not to mention a laundry list of vitamins that claims to boost your energy levels with your health in mind.

· Revolution is packed with 3725 mg of phyto-nutrients, 90 calories and 15 grams of cane sugar, caffeine free with all natural ingredients giving you what your body needs.

· Passion is 60 calories with 15 grams of cane sugar but designed to be taken 45 minutes before special moments between couples. This is a “Libido Enhancement Beverage” gear towards adults that need some enhancement of desire. Not the first beverage drink with this in mind.

New-Comer Designer Beverages:

· Pure Immune, Pure IQ and Pure Replenish.

Now with such a star line up of product to choose from we come to the Opportunity where you have a choice as you enter the organization depending on your personal desire and needs. First there’s the Pure Energy Club Distributor Kit for $45. Then the all-star Pur3X Designer Beverage Club Member for a total of $233/ 1st month and $188 each month thereafter. So what’s the difference in price and more importantly what do you get?

Well with the basic entry-level purchase you get the 4% direct sales and matrix override bonuses. Remember this is based on your ability to maintain active status: 3 active distributors or $430 personal sales.

Now with the all-star Pur3X Designer Beverage Club Member you get the ” Auto Magical ” 100% auto recruitment feature to fill your matrix while you sleep. Also included is the website capture page, personal webinar hosting, banner adds, team support and power site. That’s sure a lot of stuff for the extra bucks you’ll be spending monthly. Question; will it offset the cost or just break even?

Now I don’t know about you but I haven’t found much of anything that is “Auto Magical” and pays out handsomely for doing nothing. So you’re back to chasing family, friends and pitching the idea to all who will listen. That hasn’t produced much either for most people.

So you really have to decide for yourself several things that will determine the long-term success of your entrepreneurial endeavor. What program to get involved with and how to properly market your business to ensure steady growth for years to come. This will require extensive research or trail and error depending on your personality. But by whatever means learn what it takes to succeed in the network marketing industry and use only that which others are using to achieve measurable results.

Source by Mark Pepper

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