What to Eat to Build Muscle – 3 Tips to Build Muscle in 30 Days

Knowing what to eat to build muscle is VERY IMPORTANT. So many bodybuilders hijack their results by consuming the wrong foods.

Your recovery depends on what you eat-PERIOD. Overload you body with difficult to digest foods and it will be so busy digesting that (A) it won’t have time to build muscle and (B) it will add the indigestible foods as fat.

Both these results are undesirable for getting ripped. Here are 3 simple rules to follow:

#1) Eat natural foods

What you eat should be comprised mostly of fruits and vegetables.


Because they are the easiest to digest for the body-and the best sources of nutrition. Most bodybuilders are so focused on getting protein that they do so at the expense of other nutrients.

These are the foods your body was designed to consume the MOST of. Sure fish and eggs every now and again are okay, but only in limited quantity. Despite what you’ve heard, fruits and vegetables are what to eat to build muscle.

#2) Don’t OVERLOAD on protein

You can get this from a TON of sources–but the best way is simply through nuts and sprouted grains.

These are the most natural sources and are the easiest for the body to digest because they are raw. I don’t recommend cooked grains except on rare instances-raw is the way to go.

#3) Drink water

Make sure you get more than the standard “8 glasses a day” most doctors recommend.

What’s the right amount?

16 glasses a day-when combined with intense training-is what you should be aiming for.


I know it sounds ridiculously high–but water is KEY. I guarantee you will have far more energy when you drink this way-and you workouts will be far more productive. Whole natural foods are what to eat to build muscle-PERIOD.

Source by Marcell Mason

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