Why MonaVie Juice is the Main Squeeze

For some time now, MonaVie has reigned as one of the premier fruit juices on the market. This is largely due to the fact that the juice consists of the ever-popular Acai Berry. The Acai Berry, known for its powerful antioxidants, has not only been labeled a “Super Fruit”, but has also gained the attention of health-conscious consumers.

As a consumer and not an affiliate of any MLM company, I can honestly attest to the fact that MonaVie(original blend) is one of the best juices I have ever had. I first fell in love with this product while visiting a friend whose refrigerator was packed with it. I loved both the flavor and also the way that I felt after drinking this beverage.

Although I was disappointed that I could not continue to enjoy the original blend of MonaVie, I have since learned that there are many other flavors to suit my fancy. These have their own specific nutrients, all designed to promote good health. Each offers something different for consumers, providing them with a plethora of choices.

One of my favorites is MonaVie Active, which supports joint health and has a number of tasty fruits, including the tropical lychee fruit, which I thoroughly enjoy. I first tried this fruit while in Maui, and I thought that I would never again taste anything so exquisite! However, there are other delicious and healthy fruits in MonaVie as well, such as cranberries and pomegranates.

Another juice worth noting is MonaVie Pulse. This juice helps promote good cardiovascular health and therefore contains a number of key ingredients that are good for the heart, including antioxidants. In fact, four ounces of this juice have been shown to contain antioxidants equalivalent to 13 whole servings of fruits and vegetables!

For Red Bull and other energy drink lovers, MonaVie offers a healthy alternative, which is called the MonaVie equivalent, or MonaVie E MV. This drink boosts energy without the dreadful “crash” that many consumers experience as the effects of an energy drink wear off. This should be a welcome change for those who could do without the negative side effects.

MonaVie was wise to expand its product base by developing different juices that appeal to consumers. Although it is already a premier company in the Health and Wellness industry, MonaVie has broadened its customer base by appealing to a broader range of individuals with a variety of health concerns. This can only help the company continue to thrive in the years to come.

As far as direct sales go, MonaVie is at the top of its game with its outstanding juice line. The key to continued success will be for distributors to target the products to the most appropriate markets. The good news is that virtually anyone who loves delicious-tasting juice and cares about their health is likely to enjoy this product.

Source by Ellie Gant

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