Xocai Review – Is Xocai Legit?

In this Xocai review, I will be providing information to assist those who are researching the Xocai business opportunity to determine if Xocai offers the most potential in a home based business. Who is Xocai? Does Xocai offer high quality products that health conscious consumers will benefit from? Does Xocai offer a legitimate business opportunity? I will be focusing on these key questions in my Xocai review.

Xocai is a health and wellness company that offers products related to nutritious chocolate treats and snacks, nutritional beverages, and energy drinks via their multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity. Many of the products that Xocai is becoming well-known for are Activ, XoBiotic Squares, Nuggets, Xe Xocai Energy Drink, Omega Squares, Protein Bars, and X Power Squares.

To Become a Xocai Associate, there is a $39 Club Membership fee required. This will enable you to purchase products at wholesale prices, provide you with an Associate Training Kit, and have access to the MXI Associate Back-Office for one year. You will also be encouraged to enroll in their Autoship program. This will automatically bill and ship products to your home on a monthly basis. This is optional, but will be required if you wish to maximize your earning potential in the Xocai compensation plan.

As a Xocai Associate, you will have an opportunity to earn income in 8 different ways. These include:

Retail Bonus – Purchase products at wholesale prices, and sell them at the suggested retail price.

Quick Check Bonus – Earn weekly bonuses when you enroll new Affiliates, Associates, or Business Builders who sign up for their Autoship program.

X Bonus – Earn $75 for every 3rd member that you enroll into your team.

Auto-Ship Credit Bonus – Earn a 50 PV Autoship Credit for every 3rd member that you enroll into your business.

Infinity Bonus – Earn an Infinity Bonus as you build two teams in your business, one on your right, and one on your left.

Executive Generation Bonus – Earn a Check Match on Infinity Bonuses that are earned by members in your downline when you achieve the rank of Executive and higher.

Leadership Pools – Earn additional compensation when you reach the top six qualified ranks of leadership within Xocai.

Expansion Centers – Earn from multiple Expansion Centers when you achieve massive success in your Xocai business.

In my opinion, Xocai is a very legitimate company with great products. Since Xocai offers consumable products, you will have a tremendous opportunity to earn repeat business as you build a loyal customer base. This will provide you with that much-needed residual income. In building this business, the methods of prospecting amongst friends, family members, and acquaintances will still apply. With that being said, Xocai offers many rewards and potential for your success.

As always, I wish you success in your search for financial freedom in a profitable home based business for you and your family.

Source by Dave Fennell

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